The Best Haliburton Restaurants & Dining Experiences

Photo courtesy Rhubarb Restaurant

Looking for the best dining experiences in Haliburton Ontario? Contributor Aneeqah Sohail shares this list of the top Haliburton restaurants for great dining experiences. Enjoy!

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Nestled in Ontario’s most stunning cottage country scenery, the Haliburton Highlands is famous for its breathtaking landscapes and endless adventures. The region’s unique landscape is what cottagers and locals are most attracted to, a rugged terrain that’s shaped as much by the  Canadian Shield as it is by the over 500 lakes that can be found here.

After a long day of sightseeing, why not treat your taste buds with a visit to one of the region’s excellent eateries? The best Haliburton restaurants will certainly satisfy your cravings with dishes such as delicious duck served at a fine dining restaurant, to mouthwatering wings available at the local pub. Best of all, the food in Haliburton is known for being locally sourced, award-winning, and inspired by all ethnicities.

To help you get the most from your dining experience, we’ve compiled a list of the best Haliburton restaurants and eateries we feel contribute the most to the region’s excellent food scene. 

Want to take your culinary experience to the next level? Consider combining your culinary adventures with a stay at one of the best Haliburton hotels and resorts, some of which have dining rooms offering first-rate eating experiences. Enjoy!


The top Haliburton restaurants and casual eateries


Rhubarb Restaurant (Featured Restaurant)
The interior of Rhubarb Restaurant Haliburton
Rhubarb Restaurant has a well-earned reputation for its tasty food (Photo, plus main photo above, courtesy Rhubarb Restaurant)


Make Rhubarb Restaurant your first stop for a memorable Haliburton dining experience. Knowing they use fresh ingredients sourced from local farmer’s markets makes it easy to eat healthy while enjoying a delicious meal at this Minden restaurant. And don’t be fooled by the scenery – the Rhubarb menu is filled with dishes that are internationally inspired.

Be sure to try the signature crispy pork schnitzel, the impressive charcuterie plate, and many colorful salads. Rhubarb Restaurant partners with local bakeries, too, so you can experience all of Halliburton’s finest baked goods. End your meal with their legendary Butter Tart Cheesecake.

Rhubarb Restaurant has earned a reputation as a top Haliburton restaurant for its ability to deliver the characteristics of an upscale restaurant, all while being in cottage country.

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Editor’s Note: Rhubarb Haliburton is not only one of the top Haliburton restaurants, but it’s where you’ll also find the excellent Boshkung Brewing Co. Be sure to sample some of their fine brews while dining at Rhubarb! You can learn more about them and other local brews on our Haliburton Breweries story.


Twin Fires @ Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa
Twin Fires Sir Sam’s Inn Spadining
Fine dining with a view makes Twin Fires at Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa a must-visit restaurant (Photo courtesy Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa)


Located in the elegant Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa, Twin Fires restaurant is an elevated fine dining experience in the heart of cottage country. Set overlooking Eagle Lake, this stunning restaurant is a gem because of the world-class food, as well as its views.

The Twin Fires menu entails several fan favorites, which include Confit Duck Leg, Quebec Duck Sausage, and a North African-inspired ragout. Don’t forget to check out their one-of-a-kind wine cellar, too. It’s home to a carefully selected collection of wines to make your meal complete.

If you choose to stay on the resort grounds, be sure to enjoy a unique breakfast. Some distinct items include Frittatas, consisting of an egg and crispy potato special, or the Triple Sec Infused French toast if you are looking for something sweet.

For rates, reviews, and other helpful details of this first-rate resort and restaurant, visit  Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa.


The Cookhouse Restaurant
Thw Cookhouse interior overlooking lake
The Cookhouse Restaurant serves up wholesome home-cooked meals… and incredible views, too (Photo courtesy Cookhouse Restaurant)


Nestled between Kennisis Lake and Little Redstone Lake lies one of the best places to eat in Haliburton: the Cookhouse Restaurant. Located in the Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve (and reputedly their best-kept secret!), this popular eatery serves meals during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, each an authentic cookhouse dining experience.

Some highlights from the menu include a cookhouse benny, forest granola, and a house-smoked brisket sandwich. Also, the Cookhouse offers always-fresh seafood, ensuring their cod and chips hit the spot.

For the menu and Cookhouse details, visit their website at




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